Company Research Kit


Have you ever researched a company and been unable to find the right information? With Company Research Kit you’ll never have that problem again!

Power up your company research with this guide and database of field-tested techniques and tools to help you get any information you want about any company in the world. Analyze competitors, partners, prospects, or any organizations that you simply wish to know more about, regardless of their size or industry.

What you get:

  • The largest collection available online (seriously) of 400+ tools and 70+ techniques for company research.
  • Curated database of hand-picked research tools to help with your research (73% of tools can be used for free).
  • Proprietary research methods that are my secret research “hacks”.
  • Actionable information instead of merely a list of tools. Each tool in the database comes with a detailed description that informs you exactly what kind of research data you can expect.
  • Filter resources by type, use case, pricing, company size, industry, and geography.
  • A guide filled with personal know-how based on years of experience as a business analyst.
  • Multiple hours of easily searchable content.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Regular updates (dozens of new tools added every month).

Table of contents

All resources are grouped into categories and sub-categories that you can research:

  1. Company (firmographics, HR, etc.)
  2. Offering (products, pricing)
  3. Customers (who they are & what they think)
  4. Marketing (channels, activities)
  5. PR (news, ESG)
  6. Strategy & Operations (signals, projects, partners, and more)
  7. Financials (revenue/costs, funding, growth/decline)
  8. Legal (IP, compliance, litigation)
  9. Market environment (competitors, market share, trends, etc.)

You will benefit from this if you are a:

  • Startup Founder—copy your competitors’ best practices and understand the market gaps they are missing.
  • Product Manager—discover opportunities to innovate and differentiate your company, identify trends in the market, and understand what features and capabilities to add.
  • Marketer—understand the target audience, identify new markets, and analyze competitors to develop marketing strategies.
  • Business Development Manager—identify market opportunities to drive your company’s growth through new deals and partnerships.
  • B2B Sales Enablement Professional—discover potential new B2B customers and enrich the profiles of existing prospects with insightful data that no one else knows.
  • Procurement Manager—identify potential suppliers, determine if they are a good fit for your company by evaluating their capabilities and risks, and get benchmarks to negotiate competitive pricing.
  • Market Analyst—understand the industry and its target audience and develop strategies.
  • Competitive Intelligence Analyst—enable your CI projects with the Company Research Kit and collect and analyze information to help your company stay competitive.
  • Strategist—understand your company’s market environment and competitive landscape to develop and implement long-term business plans and strategies.
  • Management Consultant—analyze your clients’ competitors to identify best practices and areas for improvement.
  • Investor—detect potential acquisition targets and understand their attractiveness.
  • Stock Trader—use both traditional and alternative data sets to understand the business and financial performance of any public company.
  • Journalist—gather information for your investigation from counter-intuitive sources, identify people to talk to, and fact-check seemingly unverifiable information about companies and their operations.
  • Academic Researcher—identify companies relevant to your research and gather large swaths of information about them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of this product?

It will help you get valuable insights into any company in the world. It saves you time researching a specific company as well as researching how to get the information you want. It also saves you money by letting you discover free or low-cost tools and research methods.

Why should I buy if I can find these resources on my own?

Company Research Kit provides unique information that is unavailable elsewhere. It is not a collation of other list-based articles that the internet is full of—it is the result of hundreds of hours of original work and personal know-how about doing company research.

Will I get updates?

Yes, this collection is frequently updated, as I use it daily in my own work and often have new ideas and resources to add to it. The edits also include updating existing database records if any changes happen.

What exactly will I get?

You’ll receive access to a website (a Notion workspace) with an easy-to-use (and navigate) knowledge base. You can filter and sort the database to customize it to your liking. You will have to create a Notion account to be able to access the content.

What is Notion?

Notion is a productivity tool that I used to build this product. It comes with powerful built-in features that turn a large and complex knowledge base like this one into a user-friendly resource.

Will I get instant access?

Almost instant. Please allow some time for the notification about your purchase to reach me and for me to send you an invitation. I’ll do this ASAP—it usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

Do you offer refunds?

No. This product is the result of hundreds of hours of research, editing, and maintenance. After buying it, you gain immediate access to it and all the valuable information inside. By making it non-refundable, I can protect myself and my work from people who’d like to abuse this offer. Please consider this carefully before purchasing.

Any other questions?

You can DM me on Twitter or send me an email. I’m happy to help if I can.

I want this!
400+ tools and 70+ techniques
Lifetime access
Regular updates

Company Research Kit

I want this!